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Tuesday, February 20th 2018. | sample worksheet

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How to Study Effectively at Classes/Universities without Studying at Home?

Some of you may be too lazy to study at home when you are the student at a certain university. In this case, you get some reasons why you do so. For example, you may have a part-time job, or you have to look after your kids, or maybe, you want to spend your time hanging out with friends. Well, it is okay because you have your freedom. But, it will be nicer if you pay attention to your grade. In this case, your grade will be important for your study moreover if you join some scholarships. Well, here are some tips from mabelandzora on how to study effectively at universities. They are:

  • Tip 1: Pay Attention at Class

Alright! The first tip will be about paying attention to the classes. In this case, you must get to focus on the learning activities. Here, your lecturers must explain something and in this case, you cannot ignore them. If you want to focus on the classes, you must prevent anything to disturb you. For example, it can be your phone that keeps ringing and therefore, you should not use it at class. Or maybe, you must get the best seat and avoid some disturbance. If you think your friend is too annoying, it is okay to find another seat. And also, having breakfast is a must in order to keep your focus.

  • Tip 2: Understand the Materials

Second, it is about understanding the materials. At classes, your lecturers must explain the materials which you need to understand if you want to pass. And therefore, you must understand them. Here, you must make sure that you don’t have any questions at the ending section of the class. If you have some, you must ask them at the class. Yes, one thing to note is that you must get the points explained once you leave the class. Of course, if you understand the materials, you don’t have to study at home.

  • Tip 3: Make a Map Concept

Or, it can be about the way you understand the materials. Some of you may get it hard to decide whether you are the visual person or not. Here, the best way to learn your materials is by making a map concept. Yes, you can make a summary in the form of picture or map concept. Of course, it will be easier for you to understand them as you don’t have to open your book and repeat the learning process. Yes, it will be nice if you have a book of the summary of your study. You will only need one book before the exam and you get everything you need in the book

  • Tip 4: Understand the Concept and Keywords

And the last, when you make the concept, you must understand the concept itself. In this case, you must combine the method of memorizing and understanding the whole material. You know, you must get the keywords of the materials and if it is necessary, you can imagine it by using some gestures. For the easiest way, you can imagine in your mind about the steps in creating a thesis. Yes, you go to the topic, title, research questions, and so on. You must also memorize and understand why the formation should be like that. And then, you will master the materials and you can practice it anytime. Indeed, if you have understood the points you need, it is best for you to try to explain it to yourself. It is like reviewing what you have been studying and it will be a long-term memory for you. Enjoy work smart!

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